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THIS is the good stuff! Squat for overall muscle size and strength!

What if I told you that if you build legs, you would maximize the potential of increasing overall muscle size? You would probably laugh, think I’m crazy, close this article, and go back to the gym to get minimal results. Fact is, building legs is more than just keeping a proportioned lower body in comparison to your upper body. So, for those not interested in the appearance of bigger quads, hamstrings, and calves, you might still want to pay attention. If you choose not to, you could be doing yourself and your body a serious injustice. Now, are you ready to find out how building legs will help produce a massive upper body?
Compound movements
If you know anything about bodybuilding, you know that compound movements are the foundation to building bigger and stronger muscles. So what compound movements are necessary to build legs? None other than the largest, most effective muscle building workout known to man…..the mighty squat. No matter what you read, where you read it, squats will always be listed as the number one mass building workout, period.” What is the second” you ask, the deadlift, that’s right! Another leg exercise that you should never leave out of your leg routine, ever. So what do these big lower body compound movements have to do with building an upper body? It is simple, although the main focal point of these workouts is to build legs, they are compound exercises that also target some areas of the upper body in a big way.
Increasing GH levels for rapid fat burn
Still not convinced to build legs? What if I told you that building legs would increase GH levels naturally and rapidly? You see, big compound movements not only target the upper body, but they help produce certain hormones (GH) that will turn your body into a fat burning machine, keep you looking and feeling younger, increase strength and endurance, and build muscle mass.
Producing the “mother of all muscle building hormones” – Testosterone
If you weren’t convinced to build legs after the first 2 points, then surely number 3 will seal the deal. Increasing testosterone levels naturally can result is steroid like results without the negative side effects. I mean, this is a hormone that people pay hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars to increase with sketchy pills that label horrible side effects. Not only can you increase your testosterone levels naturally and without negative side effects, but you can do it free of cost. When it comes to building stronger and harder muscles, no other hormone holds a candle to the all mighty testosterone.
Now, Build legs!
By now you should no longer be reading, instead you should be up and on your way to the gym on a mission to build legs. Yes, building a big upper body without working legs is possible. But building a massive upper body at an alarming rate while burning fat, benefiting from increased muscle endurance, and explosive strength gains without working legs is impossible.

THIS is the good stuff! Squat for overall muscle size and strength!

Build Legs for a Massive Upper Body?Muscle Monsters

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