If you're a hard gainer, and you know you are (why else would you be here?), then you've got a friend, coach, trainer, and confidant in me.

You see, I am a hard gainer, too (or at least I was).

Since I was 12, I've been bodybuilding and training with weights.

I ate, ate, ate, and ate more and trained, trained, trained, and trained more.

I spent literally THOUSANDS of dollars on expensive supplements that didn't work (for me). I recorded everything I ate, counting calories, protein, carbs, and fat. I also kept detailed records of my weight work outs. But none of it mattered.

I gained weight VERY S-L-O-W-L-Y and it was painful for a 5' 11" guy to be married to a 120 pound body. Fast forward to my late twenties. I dedicated 3 years to smart training and eating, trying systematically every muscle-building principle on the planet. I devoured scientific journals and articles, bodybuilding books and magazines, and I cracked the code on how to build muscle fast for the hard gainer.

Here's where I show you how.

Of course, you can read everything I write here and on my other sites (Muscle-Build and The Muscle-Build Blog, to name a few)… OR You could bite the bullet and pay for the Hard Gainer's Manifesto.

It'll save you time. It's very brief and to the point, too. There isn't any fluff. Just pure muscle-building work out routines and nutritional guidelines to build muscle and gain weight, all designed especially for the hard gainer.