By The Muscle Nerd, Jeff Anderson

In This Chest Training Article…

* Why 95% of the guys in the gym are short-changing their chest training…WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT!
* How a simple (but POWERFUL!) form change in your bench press can pay off with BIG DIVIDENDS in building mass on your chest!

Today, I want to share with you a VERY common mistake most people make when training their chest…

Ignore this info at your own peril!  The difference in muscle fiber stimulation is IMMENSE!

Here’s what I’m talking about…

When you perform “pushing” exercises like the Bench Press, most people don’t know where to place their “focus” and ultimately just end up instincively pushing the weight up in any form that feels “natural”.

However, what happens to 95% of you is you end up using too much “front shoulder” and take a large part of the focus off of your chest muscles, leaving them short-changed on fiber stimulation for maximum growth.

Here’s how to overcome this common blunder with what I call the “Shoulder-Rib Lock”:

1.  When lying on the bench (for a Bench Press), begin by dropping your shoulders BACK (toward the bench) as far as comfortably possible.

2.  Next, roll your shoulders DOWN (in the direction of your feet).

3.  And lastly, “puff” out your ribcage to keep it held high.

Consider this your “locked” position for the entire movement and keep your pectorals “aimed” high toward the ceiling!

You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference you’ll see in your chest workouts!

Oh…and what about using this technique for bodyweight exercises?

Well, these very same principles apply to the PUSH UP as well!

Just go through the same little “checklist” and keep your shoulders locked back and down while keeping your ribcage “puffed out” and you’ll see the same difference in your training (AND your RESULTS!)

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