Welcome to the March 18, 2009 edition of hardgainer blog carnival.

fitnchic presents Interval Training: Get the Most Out of Your Workout :: FitNChic.com – Get in Shape Fashionably :: posted at FitNChic.com – Get in Shape, Fashionably!.

Aparna presents Beauty and Personal Grooming: Will you gain weight if you quit exercising? posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, “Some people after making a resolution to shed weight embark upon a strict exercise regimen with great enthusiasm and euphoria, but after some time their interest wanes off and they stop exercising altogether citing some vague reasons. But what they should know is that quitting exercising abruptly in fact, leads to weight gain.”

Emily presents Busy? Get Your Total Body Strength in an Hour posted at A Weight Lifted, saying, “a simple program for strength training in one hour”

Joe E presents Top 10 Healthy Drinks to Help You Lose Weight posted at Promote Health, saying, “Can’t seem to lose that last 10-15 pounds? It may very well be because of the calories you drink. Many people don’t realize how many calories are the stuff we drink. A mocha with all the fixings, for example, contains more than 500 calories! These are 10 healthy drinks that will help you achieve your weight loss goals.”

billspaced presents How To Gauge Progress When Progress Is Not Obvious posted at The Muscle-Build.com Blog.

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