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Funny Story: The Belgian men’s bodybuilding championships were supposed to be held last week, but when three drug testers showed up at the arena to take samples, all 20 competitors got up and left — as fast as their overdeveloped hamstrings could manage it.

It’s a fact…skinny ectomorphs have an overabundance of the “stress hormone”, cortisol.

Cortisol actually plays a useful role in our bodies but for hardgainers, its catabolic effects are a real hassle as it inhibits important protein synthesis.

That means less protein available for repair of muscle tissue…less size…and MORE frustration!

Add to this that the digestion of proteins actually burns more calories than any other nutrient and you can see why you CAN’T follow the same “protein plan” as others who can gain muscle more easily.

What’s the solution?

Try adding DIGESTIVE ENZYMES to your meals!

Now you may think that digestive enzymes (that include either pepsin, papain, or papaya) are just for little old ladies with “tummy problems”…but you’d be mistaken!

In fact, digestive enzymes help to break down nutrients from the food you eat into usable energy.

But another finding dug deeper and found that enzymes improved the absorption of amino acids and increased nitrogen retention.

In a recent clinical study, respondents who consumed digestive enzymes with their meals showed an increase in protein synthesis with free amino acid levels up by 100%…branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) by 250%…and nitrogen retention by 32%!

In short…MUCH better support for muscle repair and growth.

And enzymes can be especially useful for hardgainers in yet one more way…

Since protein uses up more calories in digestion, enzymes can speed up the process, reducing the “thermic effect” of ingested proteins and help you better maintain a caloric surplus for weight gain!

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One way to overcome the hardgainer’s training challenge with targeting Type II muscle fibers is to gradually increase your body’s neuro-muscular communication throughout your workouts by using a “Rest Pause” format:

  • Pick up at weight that is about 50% of your one-rep max
  • Perform 5 repetitions and then rack the weight
  • Wait 10 seconds
  • Perform another 5 repetitions and rack the weight again
  • Wait 10 seconds
  • Perform another 5 reps
  • And so on…

By gradually increasing overall workload in your sets with a “Rest-Pause” format, you slowly activate your Type II muscle fibers while regenerating available energy with short 10 second rest periods.

I go into in-depth detail about the value of this technique in the Hardgainer Project X program and actually show you how to GREATLY magnify its effects by incorporating a unique 3-Step Training Formula that blasts your Type II muscle fibers to maximum recruitment…increasing overall stimulation by up to 80-90%!

That’s about a 373% increase in recruitment and activation of reserve satellite muscle cells!

Your body’s anabolic hormones are constantly shifting throughout the day, rising and falling.

At night, your testosterone levels soar and this is your body’s prime time to build muscle.

But when you wake up, testosterone levels take a sharp nosedive and the leftover “free testosterone” (the most usable form) goes unused by your muscles and your body’s catabolic (muscle-wasting) hormones take over.

But here’s how to overcome this challenge and shotgun more free testosterone to your muscles before it waves goodbye…

First thing in the morning…like as soon as your feet hit the floor…consume a “high glycemic” meal with more “sugary” carbs, high quality protein, and no fat! (A good example would be a banana, bowl of breakfast cereal, and whey protein isolate mixed with non-fat milk.)

This specific combination of nutrients will create a short-term spike of insulin that will act as a fast transport for your remaining “free testosterone” and shoot it directly into your muscle cells to stop catabolic muscle loss and trigger insane new growth!

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