In a Rut? Shake Things Up a Bit

In a rut? Climb out of it!

In a rut? Climb out of it!

If you’ve been reading the posts here, you know that I’m an advocate of training every other day, using a split routine. Something like Monday – Legs, Wednesday – Torso, Friday – Legs, following week Torso on M and F, Legs on W.

But once in a while, you have to change things up a bit. I’ve read stories about “shocking your muscles” is not necessary and I agree for the most part.

However, muscle building is often more about the mind than it is about the muscle. So, in that light, whenever you get in a rut or aren’t improving (use your logs as the barometer), try this:

Work out 2 days in a row

Now, I’m not talking about doing legs and then torso on the next day. I’m talking about training legs two days in a row. Or arms. Or back, chest, or shoulders.

Yes, it’s not something I prescribe for the long-term, maybe just once or twice to get out of a rut. It can work wonders! Not only for the muscles, but for the mind.

If you do try this, I suggest doing a different set of exercises, sets, and reps. Maybe do 3×10 Squats one day, 2×20 Leg Presses the next.

Make sense? Give it a try.

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