How to Measure Progress

How to Measure Progress

asher j asked:

I’m 17, turning 18 and i’ve been underweight my entire life. When I do workout, I do look buff for a short while. I’m an ectomorph, slightly ripped, but with so little size it doesnt make a difference. I want to see gains on a weekly basis, is this possible?
Answer: An emphatic YES!!!
You may not see muscle gains every week, but what you will see if you’re persistent is strength gains. Endeavor to increase the weights you lift every workout. Part of the beauty of progressive resistance weight training is the ease by which you can adjust the poundages you lift. In most gyms, you can add as little as 2 1/2 pounds on each side of a barbell.
Here’s a great primer on how to train, eat, and sleep for maximum muscle gains – The Top Ten Muscle Building Tips.
Finally, here are some tips on building strength – 5 Ways to Get Stronger
If you follow the guidelines in these 3 articles, you will no doubt progress each week, but in every single workout!
Best of luck to you!!!

Help for a HARDGAINER?

superdaveard asked:

i workout for 2 months and no results. what supplements are good.

Bodybuilding for Beginners

Johnny Boy asked:

What setup should i do for trying to get bigger? there are so many different workout plans that it’s so hard to choose from. i have tried some of them and they just don’t work for me. what should i do?

Build Muscle, Lose Fat

PAboy05 asked:

I love to lift weights and I get stronger but I never seem to get bigger. I eat a lot and I still don’t get bigger. Can someone give me a workout they feel would work or a diet they feel would work for a hard gainer. Please help.

Building Muscle