Lou Ferrigno in trainingLou Ferrigno is 6'5". He started his bodybuilding career as a very skinny sub-150 pounder, and took it all the way up to and over 300 pounds, doubling his body weight. He, of course, was no hardgainer, obviously gaining weight and building muscle incredibly fast.

Some Background on Lou Ferrigno

As a baby, he got ear infections and lost his hearing. He began training as a teenage, starting out tall and skinny. He soon packed on the weight, however. At only 21 he won the Mr Universe; then he won it again the next year. Lou went on to star in Pumping Iron, The Incredible Hulk, and some Hercules movies. Later, he was a regular on the King of Queens. Ferrigno was a boyhood idol of mine and he still looks impressive. The shot at the left shows size and muscularity that we'd all love to be able to possess. He did it, why not you? To learn more about how to pack on size, check out the Hardgainer Manifesto.

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